sunday mornings
Quietly, he sat on the couch wrapped in a grey and white chevron patterned fleece blanket with a cup of coffee in his hands. Black curly hair stood on end going in every direction it so pleased. Cocoa brown eyes watched the vibrant colors of the rising sun rolled over the Chicago skyline that added an indescribable beauty to the city. The familiar apartment was silent, the aroma of fresh coffee filling the the living space. Mornings were his favorite time of day, before everyone started waking up, before the city started it's daily hustle and bustle even on a Sunday, and before the noise returned to the quiet city. A soft sigh escaped him after taking a sip of coffee, losing himself in his own thoughts. How had he gotten so lucky to find someone that adored him the way that this man did? Why him? Why had he chosen him with his long work hours, unpredictable schedule, and all of his quirks? Raf knew he wasn't the easiest person to get along with, and he blamed it on his profession. He had to be anal and neurotic for a living or else people would die, and Raf knew that translated over into his personal life. In fact, he was convinced that's why he had been single for so long. Plus, who wanted to deal with someone being called in during the middle of the night, or not always knowing when they're going to get off, and working holidays. Obviously, while the pandemic was going on, he essentially lived at the hospital, so his social life was dead during that time. Then, as soon as he'd been relieved of having to be at work day in night, he started attempting to get his social life back in order. Now here he was, sitting in a beautiful apartment, enjoying the morning view, and someone he adored still in bed. Funny how life could change so quickly. Even though he saw it day in and day out, it still amazed him when it happened in his own life. The shuffling of feet brought him out of his thoughts. Looking towards the bedroom, a soft smile crawled across his lips. What a perfect Sunday morning.